• Basic Info

  • 💚Casey/Edd/Cherry/Ellot💚

  • 💚July 26 2006 (14 Yrs Old)💚

  • 💚He/Him They/Them More

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  • 💚More Info About Me💚

  • . I'm A Trans Demiboy/Genderfaun But I Fit More With The Male Lable

  • . I'm Bi/Omni And Also Poly


  • . I Animate For A Show Called Caseyshow And I Animate On Adobe Flash Cs5.5 And Somtimes Macromedia

  • . I Love Coca Cola

  • . I Suffer From ADHD And Autism And I Stim At Times

  • . I Can Partially Speak Norwegian

  • . My Favorite Colours Are Fuchsia,Cyan,Grean And Purple And I Like Neon/Gradiant Aesthetics

  • . I Am Actually Christian LOL XD God Is My Beloved

My Fandoms/Kins


  • Eddsworld


  • Homestick

  • Rick And Morty


  • Edd (eddsworld)

  • Pink Edd (Eddsworld AU)

  • Future Edd

  • The I Like Trains Kid From ASDFmovie2

Do Not Interact With Me If You...

  • Suport Pedophila/Zoophila/Necrophila

  • Rasict/Sexist/Lgbtq+phobic

  • Dox Pepole

  • Nazi/Support Nazism

  • Raid/Nuke Pepoles Servers

  • Think Pepole Can't Change From there Mistakes

  • Clam My Location Is Fake

  • Are Hater Who Hates Me For No God Damn Reason

  • Misgender Me

  • Are An Eddsworld Hater

  • Think I'm A Pedo

  • Joke About Vents I'm Doing/Joke About My Depression

  • A Proshipper

  • Still support Pepole Like Jamie,Pip And Marc

  • A Pedo/Zoo/Necrophile

  • Spy Sub/Follow Me For Clout

Before You Interact With Me You Should Know?

  • I Reclam Some Slurs like the f slur but however i will respect peepz boundaries if they feel triggered when i say that word

  • I Make Jokes That Are Sexual At Times Like 69 And Shit Like That Beacuse I Think It's Funny

  • Somtimes I Make Joke Art That Is Kinda Sexual But No Way Is It NSFW

  • I Have A Simlair Style To Eddsworld And I Can't Help It Since I Love Eddsworld A Lot After All I Am A Fanboy

  • I Make Mistakes So Please Do Hate/Cancel Me Beacuse Of My Mistakes

  • I Support All Genders/Sexualites Including Xenogenders But However I Don't Support Fake Genders/Sexualities Like Animesexual

My statement about what I've done

TW Abuse/Harassment

My statement about what I've done

I just wanna say. everything i have done was a horrible mistake. Like Faking Cancer. Cheat On My Ex. Muliplation Ect. Every Thing I Have Done was an awful mistake. And honestly everything i've doin was just an horrable mistake i should have never done. I'm trying my best to not repeat those mistake but everything i do just make everything 10x worse. And honest rn i'm doing my best to not redo these mistakes honestly. And I'm sorry for those i've harassed. And I'm Sorry In Advance I Should Have Be More Careful For What I Say or Do. Sadly I Can't undo the Damage I've Done. But The Best I Can Do Is Atleast Make And Apologie.

Don't Harass Me Because Of The Mistakes I've Done
And If you are one of those pepole who like Harassment/Abuse Then Don't Contact me!

---Fan Links LMAO---

There also a discord to but i kinda don't wanna link it in case sombody tries to raid it

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